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Boavista Island

Boavista Island


The motto “no stress”, used on all the islands of Cape Verde, is perfect to describe the island of Boa Vista: the ideal paradise for resting is here. The best beaches in Cape Verde are on this island, which is difficult not to fall in love with. See what to do on the island of Boa Vista and how you can make the most of your vacation there.
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With extensive white sand beaches, Boa Vista Island is a fantastic place, where the natural beauty can be enjoyed calmly. There, we lose track of time, and sometimes it seems like it stops. The sand that travels through the wind from the Sahara desert to Boa Vista makes it have dunes, something rare in Cape Verde and white sand beaches. Quality hotels complement the offer, making it the paradise we all dream of, one of those idyllic places in the middle of the ocean.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Beach, Diving and Extreme Tour
  • Price 80$ - 200$
  • Categories Destination
  • Language Portuguese, English, French
  • Currency Euro €
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