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São Nicolau Island

São Nicolau Island


The morna that became one of Cape Verde's anthems, performed by Cesária Évora, speaks of the longing that immigrants had for Saint Nicholas. Discover what to visit on São Nicolau Island, in Cape Verde.
The island that makes those who visit it miss it



São Nicolau traveled the world in the voice of Cesária Évora, like the island of those who followed the "far path" to São Tomé. It is a mystical land, given to mysteries, beliefs and legends that accompany the days on the doorstep. Mountainous and based on agricultural activities, São Nicolau is a true Creole of Cape Verde, with customs steeped in magic and legends that, even today, make its people move. With contrasting landscapes, of colorful houses and black rocks, here you can discover mud and sand baths, in a kind of ancient thalassotherapy spa. São Nicolau is the birthplace of mysteries and a unity that only its own people recognize.

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  • Tour Type Hike, Beach, Green, Diving and Extreme Tour
  • Price 30$ - 150$
  • Categories Destination
  • Language Portuguese, English, French
  • Currency Euro €
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