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São Vicente Island

São Vicente Island


São Vicente is the most cultural island in Cape Verde. The sounds of traditional music merge with other forms of art, which end up being a reflection of the history and customs of the country's people. If you are traveling to Cape Verde you may want to include this island in your itinerary. Find out what to do on São Vicente Island, the island with a wonderful vibe!
A place full of culture and tradition



São Vicente is the second most populous island in Cape Verde, after Santiago. Mindelo is the main city on São Vicente Island in Cape Verde. Its colonial-style buildings give the city a historic feel, which is a pleasure to appreciate. In each place it is possible to experience a bit of the country's music: São Vicente is known for being the “home” of great Cape Verdean musicians. The Mindelo Carnival is one of the best known in the world and its bay is the perfect place for a photo for a traveler's postcard. Here, you can discover some of the wonders that both the city and the island have.

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  • Tour Type Beach, Party, Cultural, Diving and Extreme Tour
  • Price 30$ - 200$
  • Categories Destination
  • Language Portuguese, English, French
  • Currency Euro €
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