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Maio Island

Maio Island


Maio Island is a small island, but it holds big surprises for those who visit it. In a place where less is more, it is possible to find magnificent beaches to explore. Discover Maio Island, in Cape Verde.
A small unknown paradise



Many of the tourists who come to Cape Verde are looking for that bit of paradise, with magnificent beaches with turquoise blue water and white sand. And, although all the islands have dream beaches, there are three that stand out for being authentic paradises on Earth: Sal, Boavista and… well, Maio. And, if you have heard about the Island of Sal and Boa Vista – which have tourist developments and where the investment in this sector is evident -, the island of Maio continues to be a small paradise almost undiscovered; a genuine and simple place, with a fantastic essence;

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Beach, Diving and Extreme Tour
  • Price 80$ - 200$
  • Categories Destination
  • Language English
  • Currency Euro
  • Time Zone UTC-4
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